Laser- en lichtshow
Laser- en lichtshow
Laser- en lichtshow
Laser- en lichtshow


Light surges in waves, even more so than the sea here. The light of the sun travels through space to reach us in a little over eight minutes; to nourish and warm us. The light of the stars can travel for hundreds of years before manifesting as twinkling in the night sky.

We look back in time as it were. But now, we want to look ahead resolutely in De Panne.  We immerse people in a unique, spectacular experience with a sea of light, a feast for the eyes that extends to the depth of their very beings. A soothing bath of scintillating colours to share with your family and many others. Be amazed step by step!


Lumen-Plopsa nights

A unique collaboration between an event and an amusement park: that is how you could describe the Lumen-Plopsaland themed evenings! The Lumen and Plopsaland creative teams have joined forces to make Lumen an experience for the whole family. Dance and sing along with the famous Plopsa characters and shine with us in a surge of solidarity and light!



We care about what really matters and care about the people in our community.


We persevere in the knowledge that we can overcome any setback.


We look beyond our onwn circle and are open to the world around us.


We demonstrate our commitment and encourage others to get involved.


We have discovered our own inner strength and share it with others.


We take on the challenge to stand shoulder to shoulder.


We comfort and support all those who are hard hit.


Nous chérissons ce que nous avons et apprécions les petites choses simples.

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